Brian Culwell


Brian & Amelia Culwell Houston
Brian & Amelia Culwell


Brian & Amelia Culwell have been married for almost 20 years and have four beautiful children.

The reside in The Woodlands, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Texas

Brian has always been an entrepreneur at heart and has started dozens of companies over the years, employing thousands of people.


In Malawi 2013


During a mission trip to Africa in 2013, Brian felt called to work with the people of Malawi and since then, he has devoted countless hours to the plight of the people of this nation.  He is currently working with several on the ground charitable and gospel organizations in Malawi to support orphan and elderly projects through the Brian & Amelia Culwell Family Foundation.

Brian & Amelia formerly founded and ran Gold & Silver Buyers and Graymeiren Holdings and both continue to have interests in the precious metals industry.